Humanitarian Emergency Aid


As a result of health issues and the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, Hannes Schmid was not able to travel to and stay in Cambodia for a long time after his last trip. Despite his compromised medical condition and age as well as the poor medical care facilities close to the SGC site, he has been back at the project site in Cambodia since mid-May to directly provide support to the local team.

The consequences of the pandemic are felt dramatically in Cambodia, especially in the rural areas. For many people the loss of their job means the loss of the only source of income for the whole family. In most cases, there are no financial reserves and no provision or support from social security services or the state. Thus, in many cases, the consequence of the lockdown of almost of tourism facilities and textile factories is synonymous with existential hardship, food shortages and hunger.

Many families in the area of the SGC project therefore have to be supported by Smiling Gecko with much needed food and medical care in order to survive. In order to deliver this humanitarian aid, we rely on your donations and support and we thank you for your great solidarity and support since the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Hannes Schmid, over the whole course of his stay on the project site, will inform in irregular intervals via short video blogs about the latest situation and current developments. These video blogs will be posted on our social media channels and website.

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