Humanitarian Emergency Aid


The consequences of the global pandemic are often felt even more dramatically in the poorest countries of the world than in Europe. For the people, the loss of a job often means the loss of the only source of income for an entire family. There are no financial reserves nor provision or support from social welfare or the state.

Thus, in many cases, the consequences of the lockdown in tourism and textile factories are synonymous with existential hardship, food shortages and hunger. Families in the area are scrambling for food and thus need to be supported by Smiling Gecko with food packages in order to survive.

The pandemic has once again shown us how important good education and sustainable economic income opportunities are for the development of a society. Above all, it has shown us the terrible impact such crises have, especially in the poorest countries of the world. For Smiling Gecko, the focus of our efforts is not only the humanitarian aid to support the families and children affected by the acute need, but also the continuation and expansion of the holistic and sustainable cluster projects.

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