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Agriculture and Animal Husbandry


On the Smiling Gecko Campus we operate a multifaceted model farm, in which we apply knowledge of sustainable cultivation practices and use agricultural climate information effectively. In addition to excellent vegetable and animal produce in organic quality, we are creating a future for people who are finally no longer driven to the slums of Phnom Penh. People earn an income. People feed their families. People pass on the skills they have learned in the community.
Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation
Cowpeas, bitter melon, mango and more than 30 other types of fruit and vegetables grow in the fields and in the greenhouses of the Smiling Gecko Farm. With a large part of the production, we accomodate our own needs on campus. Any surplus is used outside of the campus and, above all, into local emergency aid in emergency situations, which unfortunately we have all the time.
Cattle Fattening
We fatten and slaughter Cambodian cattle to provide food on our campus and for supply to the Farmhouse restaurants as well as for sale at the regional markets. We have also gained extensive experience with pig breeding in the past. Now, however, we have suspended this breeding because we want to modernize the stables and rebuild them elsewhere on campus.
Chicken Farming
Keeping chickens is relatively simple and has always been practiced by rural families. We support them by breeding chickens on a large scale, which we give to the surrounding families for fattening. At the same time, we use the meat and eggs for our own needs, and we also use animals we raised ourselves for the food packages in emergency aid.
Fish Farming
Fish is a cornerstone of the Cambodian diet. That is why we have pursued fish farming today, in addition to the so-called fingerlings for internal and external rearing, we also produce around 20 tons of ready-to-eat fish for our kitchens and domestic marketing.
Experimental Farming
Whether it’s the cultivation of the plant-based raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine, our vanilla farm or experimenting with more climate-resilient plants: on campus we are already gathering the know-how for tomorrow’s yields.


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