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Recruitment Days at our school

The last few days were quite exciting for many families in the communities around the Smiling Gecko Campus: We had our “Recruitment Days”, to find up to 100 new children at the age of 3 for our pre-school and kindergarten.
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For the selection process, we first formed small groups of 2 to 3 children, to monitor their interaction with peers of the same age. Then we analysed their cognitive abilities in various exercises. For us, this is another important basis for deciding which children we could take and which unfortunately we could not take.
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Quite exciting. For the little ones, but also for the parents, who all really hope to be able to send their children to our school. After all, they know that for the first time there is a real prospect of a better, self-determined life for their offspring.
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Unfortunately, we had to disappoint many families again this year because we simply do not have the capacity or better say the financial means. Therefore, we would like to make an appeal at this point. If you would like to support our school: We are very happy about every donation!
We have made a short video of the Recruitment Days. Enjoy watching it.

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