Reason to celebrate at the Smiling Gecko Campus: Four of our apprentice carpenters have completed their training and are now well equipped for a life with a perspective in Cambodia. We are very proud of the young men and would be happy if they stay with us a little longer. And they probably will. Because with us they continue to receive language lessons and have the chance of further training to become carpentry managers. The prerequisite to train apprentices themselves. Our goal!
The young carpenters from left to right:

Sorn Pen
Pen is 20 years old. He comes from the village of Srae Sa in the immediate vicinity of the campus. He has a total of seven siblings, four of whom live with him and his mother. Unfortunately, his father recently passed away, so Pen is now the single earner in the family, as he is the only one with a regular income. Pen started to work at the carpentry three years ago. Before that, he worked as a painter in Phnom Penh. In his free time, Pen enjoys playing volleyball.

Hon Kav
Kav is 23 years old. He comes from Chreas village near Sala Lek 5 (about 20 kilometers from campus.) Kav is the father of twins. He just got married and moved to Srae Sa. His wife works in one of the garment factories in the area. Before coming to us, he worked in construction in Phnom Penh. He has five siblings, all of whom are also married. In his spare time, he likes to go fishing to save some money on food.

Hen Seyha
19-year-old Seyha is the youngest in the group. He comes from Srae Sa, where his parents work as farmers. Seyha has a total of six siblings, all of whom still live at home. Two of his siblings work at the Farmhouse Resort. One of the sisters has a few cows and also a small cricket farm (crickets are a popular snack in Cambodia). To generate a little extra income, the family also runs a cleaning business for motorcycles, where Seyha helps out in his spare time.

Phoeun Pheu
Pheu is 23 years old. He also lives in Srae Sa. As a carpenter, Pheu is following in the footsteps of his father, who also works in the carpentry shop at the Smiling Gecko campus. His mother is a farmer and owns a few cows. He has four siblings, two of whom work in a garment factory, and one is still in school. Before he started with us three years ago, he worked in construction. In his spare time, he helps out on the farm. And he also loves to repair furniture. That way, he can apply what he has learned with us right away.

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