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Yoga at the Smiling Gecko Campus

If you really want to do something good for yourself and others, you can now register for the six-day yoga retreat at the Smiling Gecko Farmhouse Resort & Spa, taking place for from 21-26 October 2024.

Photographed for Schweizer Illustrierte in the Seeschau ‘Yoga and Therapy Centre’: Hannes Schmid and Rebecca Robinson.
Photo: Nik Hunger

Led by the wonderful yoga teacher Rebecca Robinson, you can enjoy a pampering programme of daily yoga and meditation classes while learning about the work of Smiling Gecko. A tour of the Smiling Gecko Campus and a visit to the Smiling Gecko School are included as well as a fine dining dinner by our Head Chef Mariya Un Noun.

This was worth an article (German only) in the Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte and we also have a link to the offer on the Farmhouse Resort website. Here you will also find all the other information about this very special week.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Farmhouse Resort in October.

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The Yoga Shallas in our amazing SPA offer the perfect conditions.

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