Update Village School Project

The school project is in full swing with the construction of the school and the evaluation of pupils and kindergarten teachers. The main part of the groundwork on the school terrain has already been completed. The 110,000 m3 lake has also been finished. Meanwhile, the foundation is also completed and the first wooden frames had […]


From 21 September 2017 to 4 February 2018 the SPECIAL EXHIBITION «HANNES SCHMID – CONCERNED PHOTOGRAPHY takes place in the Liechtenstein State Museum in Vaduz. You are cordially invited to experience Hannes Schmid, the founder of Smiling Gecko, live through the extensive accompanying program.   HANNES SCHMID – CONCERNED PHOTOGRAPHY The ‘concerned photographer’ is motivated […]

Visit Report of the Chairman

Smiling Gecko visit report, Christian Zwicky, July 2-5, 2017 Dear friends of Smiling Gecko, I would like to provide a short update on my recent trip to Cambodia visiting our team at the farm and at the office. My ‘findings’: The teams (Cambodians) work independently, without instructions and start their work in the morning without […]

Village School Project

Current state of the project / progress In December 2016, the planning of the architecture by the ETH team under the direction of Prof. Dirk E. Hebel was completed with a ready-to-go, realizable project. The adaptation to the local regulations and the approval of the project were also finalized in spring 2017. In April 2017, […]

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Experience report by Tom Meier

“Dear friends The photos, as attached, speak volumes. And it is always impressive to see the progress. It feels like a time lapse, projects that were presented on a drawing board 6 months ago are now being implemented. The school project, in particular, looks incredibly ambitious, but I am convinced that the team will be […]

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Dangerous bat hunt

For the children in the slums, the bat hunt is fun and evening entertainment. But it is also bitterly serious because a few bats in the soup are urgently needed food for the families. And it is extremely dangerous for the children because they drink the heavily contaminated and toxic water from the canals and […]

Rat hunt as a source of income for slum kids

It is depressing and  frightening, how children in the slums of Phnom Penh have to earn money for themselves and their families. In order to help sustainably, Smiling Gecko tries to provide as many young Cambodians as possible with school education and vocational training, to put them in a position to permanently earn a living for themselves […]

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Donations from Germany

German donors who would like to support our project and the children in Cambodia and want a tax certificate, can now donate exclusively to the account of our German partner foundation, the Nancy Kress and the Thomas Egner Stiftung. The Nancy Kress and Thomas Egner Stiftung is recognized as a charitable association in Germany. As a […]

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Photo-Blog of Prof. Dr. Patrice Ambühl

See the beautifully illustrated Cambodia Blog of the Stadtspital Waid Medical Director, Prof. Dr. med. Patrice Ambühl. The photo blog impressively shows the various facets of Cambodia, as well as many impressions of the Smiling Gecko Project as well as other medical NGO’s. In February, Prof. Ambühl visited his son Gilles, who has been running […]

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News from Farmhouse Smiling Gecko

Originally planned only for visitors and volunteers of the social project, we were able to further expand the resort last year and to make a stay even more attractive: We have created an infrastructure that also makes a longer visit a relaxing experience with a great recreational value. The 2-day tour also offers visitors the […]